Goodbyes are always the toughest…

As I sit sipping my tea in this upstairs restaurant in Hong Kong International Airport, I’m reminded of how much I love traveling. It’s that freedom you feel, that feeling of being a part of this beautifully wonderous world, that’s so incredibly addicting. Today I am forced to say goodbye to Thailand, for now. It’s an amazing country and I deeply urge you all to visit. And now I shall leave you with my last entry from this Thailand adventure :).

An amazing example of the kindness in Thailand. I was leaving my really nice accommodation (it was so lovely! And only cost $15 a night for a private room with balcony!) :), and I asked the front desk what the best option to the airport was. the woman was so sweet. She said if I wanted to save some money I could take the minibus for 200 baht (yes I did think about my ride over) ;), but a taxi would be 700 baht. She said I’d have to check when the minibus leaves though at the taxi stand next door. I nod and start to walk out to the street, there are a bunch of taxi guys waiting out there and they asked if I needed a taxi but I told them I might try the minibus service first. They were really nice about it and walked me over to the desk (didn’t try and get me to take the taxi). I ask the two people at the desk when the next minibus is incase I don’t have time. The man quickly gets on the phone and starts talking in Thai. He nods to the woman who writes me up a ticket and she asks for 200 baht. I paid her and the gentleman gets off the phone. I asked him how long the wait was and he said no wait. This man (he points to his friend) will drive you for free on his motorcycle to meet up with the minibus for the rest of the hour journey to the airport. Honestly this would never probably happen back home! Though I really truly wish it would! (Also good thing I only had a backpack and not a rollerboard suitcase haha!). 😉 But really, people are just simply amazing! And I hope that always continues. We’re all people. None of us better or worse. All just lovely people :). I really hope you all get out there and travel! You get to see the beauty and goodness in this world. And it makes one feel truly alive.

I hate to leave Thailand, it’s a truly beautiful country with lovely people. But I am excited to see where I get to go next. Love you all so much! Happy travels loves! Never stop exploring! 🙂

Saying goodbye to Phuket and Thailand’s beloved King.

My dear friend and I have an inside joke about Taro ice cream ;).

Landing :).

First time riding first class internationally! It’s well worth the money loves! HKG-LAX


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