Day Trip to Ayutthaya 

Today I venture to the beautiful city of Ayutthaya :D. I’ve been wanting to go for a while. And especially after I finally got to visit Angkor Wat a few months ago!! (Loved loved loved Siem Reap!) I’m really into history and ancient places so most of my travel is based around this. 😉

There’s a couple of options to visit the ancient city of Siam. It’s about an hour north from Bangkok. One way is a tour obviously, another is to catch a shuttle from Victory Monument, the train also goes (very slowly!), but my accommodation offered a shuttle to come get me and take me, and for $15 roubdtrip I just decided to do that. Sleep in a little extra and enjoy the free breakfast.

They told me my driver would come at 7:30 but perhaps might be earlier so be in the lobby by 7am. Cool. It’s a lovely lobby. Mama Mia was playing on the TV as I waited and enjoyed my breakfast. Incidentally it was also playing late last night after I came in… someone here really loves that movie ;).
I waited until about 7:40 and it was then that the sweet Thai woman from behind the counter told me they were on their way. I gather my things just as a cute Thai girl wearing a beautiful blue dress (I complimented her on) and a white motorcycle helmet happily came in the lobby. The woman behind the desk told me to go with her. Ok I said and I followed. I really wish I spoke more Thai!
We walk downstairs and outside into the intoxicating heat and excitement of the morning. She walks me over to her motorcycle and she says, “get on.” Ok I thought. I asked her if she was taking me all the way to the ancient city of Siam by motorbike (I’d be down for this), but she just giggled sweetly and told me to hang on. She still didn’t really answer my question. Yes I also realize I may be way too trusting at times. But she seemed really lovely! And she was (don’t panic mom) ;). Btw, it’s amazing racing through the streets of Bangkok on a motorcycle. It’s fast, exciting, and the breeze feels amazing in this heat! I really need to get a motorcycle! 🙂

Needless to say, she did not take me all the way to Ayutthaya. She dropped me off a bit into town and I met up with my driver.
And now I venture to Ayutthaya!!! 😀

Ayutthaya was the capitol up until the 1700s when Burma burned most of it. But there are still many impressive sites, however I’m going to be honest, if you’ve been to Angkor Wat this may not impress you as much.

It’s still beautiful, but there’s nothing like Angkor Wat! I miss that place so much! Definitely need to make another trip back there :).

But definitely do make a day trip out of Ayutthaya if you’re like me and really into history. You’ll also get to see quite a few monks taking in the sights- so lovely!! 🙂

My night was pretty chill, talked with some people I just met and then grabbed dinner on my new favorite street (Soi Ram Buttri). Oh and I did finally have a meal that I could not finish due to it being just too spicy. I’ve heard of these but this was the first time I’d really experienced it. I really tried to finish it too. I ordered a sprite, lots of water, but in the end the meal won ;). Still really good, but goodness it was hot!

Bangkok is a beautiful city. I really really love it and it saddens me to think about leaving. But I’ll be back, I’m sure of it :).
Sending lots of love and good vibes to everyone!
Have epic days friends! 🙂

Beautiful Ayutthaya 🙂


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