Beautiful Bangkok Part II

There’s quite a few options when it comes to riding on the boat lines in Bangkok. And I’ll be honest I wasn’t really sure which one I was getting on, so as soon as one pulled up I hopped on.

It was a lovely boat trip along the river. I was hoping it would circle back around and take me to Khao San Road, but no such luck. It pulls up to a stop and most of the people get off, however there are a few Thai people still sitting. So I keep sitting hoping it’ll circle back around.

The same woman I bought my 14 baht ticket with comes over and says something to me in Thai… I’m taking the hint to get off ;). So I do. However I have no idea where I am exactly. Adventure! True I could have just gotten back on the boat, but I decided it was time to explore.

I walk around the bustling streets and take in more of the sights. I turn the corner and then realize I’m standing before the hotel they used in The Hangover 2 (the part where they meet Paul Giamatti upstairs at that bar? Oh you didn’t see it? I don’t think many did, but I do love some Bradley Cooper… how is he so attractive?!) ;), but anyway, I digress, so yes I head over to see if I can grab a drink at their Sky bar. As soon as I enter the lobby the very nice staff (I mean literally there were like 8 people who rush to be of service as soon as you walk inside! Fancy.) inform me that the bar doesn’t open until 6pm and it was only 2:30pm… hmm… maybe tomorrow night ;). I leave the fancy State Tower hotel and continue to explore.

I grab an ice cream (my favorite food!) and head back to the docks. The Thai people really are so kind, they get me back on a boat towards my place on Khao San Road.
And then I head out for the night.

It was my first experience on Khao San Road. It’s exciting, filled with people, and music blares from the various bars up the street. Lots of street vendors, and people trying to sell you scorpions to eat on a stick (not even joking) ;). And the ping pong shows! Yes, I was offered ping pong shows by the famous smacking of the lips. I was so tempted to say yes. It sounded all so exciting to be whisked away by tuk tuk to a seedy underground club to witness this disturbing image I have in my mind… however, I couldn’t bring myself to say yes. I mean I’m sure it’s perfectly safe to go alone, but I would prefer to see my first ping pong show with someone. I contemplated asking the other people I met at my place (a lovely girl from Austria, another sweet girl from Germany, and a really nice guy from the Netherlands) but I couldn’t bring myself to ask if they wanted to see one of these famous adult shows. Maybe tomorrow night I thought and I kept walking into the loudness of the music beats and neon lights. (Writer’s note: I wrote this before the King’s passing, I went back to Khao San Road the following night, but there was no music or ping pong offers of any kind. It was all very respectful in a beautiful way. There were still scorpions on a stick though) ;).

As exciting as Khao San Road is to at least see once in your life, I actually much preferred the street beside it, Soi Ram Buttri, with its tree lined path and more low key vibe. Had some great food along this street :). Also feel free to grab a cheap massage! I had a strange experience with a massage with one of my best friends a while back so I did not partake (I love you best friend!), but they really are so cheap here in Thailand! 🙂

My first day in Bangkok was everything I was hoping for. I really love this city. It’s captured my heart and love for excitement.

Love you all so much! Keep exploring this beautiful world :).


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