Beautiful Bangkok Part I

(I need to be better at posting these, I’m days off) ;)…

I loved Bangkok from the moment I arrived. There’s an energy here that one really needs to experience for one’s own self. It’s intoxicating in a good way.
Oh and just as a heads up, most Thai taxis don’t know where you’re staying. So make sure you look it up. Maybe take a screenshot of it just to have. And download that app, its fantastic!!! It’s saved me multiple times! (The app runs while you’re on airplane mode assuming you’ve downloaded the area’s map beforehand- you can even do searches and all without wifi!)
After disembarking the night train and saying goodbye to my new friends I was sent loose in Bangkok. My taxi driver dropped me off a few blocks over from my accommodation but I managed to find it thanks to my app- yay! I dropped off my bags and headed out into the city.

And what a truly lovely city it was!
My first stop? The Grand Palace! This place is massive… and a bit pricey at 500 baht! (Ok so true that’s only like $15 US, but still compared to the rest of Thailand! That was a night’s accommodation!) ;). But of course I paid it. And it really was stunning! The first thing I noticed was all the sparkles everywhere! The architecture was very much the same as Cambodia, except it felt like the Broadway show version. Lots of shiny decorations in that beautiful Thai blue I so love.

I saw the green Buddha… truly stunning! And visited the rest of the grounds. All spectacular. The King has a nice home (Side note, I wrote this the day before the King’s passing, so forgive this remark!)

And the changing of the guards was lovely as well. Though gosh it was hot! Those poor soldiers! I was interested to know if like some countries everyone here has to give military service, I looked into it and and they don’t necessarily have to, but apparently if they don’t volunteer their names go into a lottery.

After the palace I decide to head over to Wat Pho. It’s basically just around the corner. And so much grander than I thought! The place was huge! And the leaning Buddha is absolutely magnificent! It’s definitely my favorite temple in Thailand.

It was when I was exploring Wat Pho that there was a massive downpour! Though I must admit the cool rain felt amazing against this heat!

The rain didn’t seem to be stopping soon so I braved it and walked across the street from Wat Pho to catch the boat across the river to Wat Arun. Also truly beautiful! Though I do secretly wish the scaffolding wasn’t around it ;).

By this time I was starving, so I had a lovely late lunch of pad Thai along the river before jumping on one of the many boats for a better view of this spectacular city. And, it only cost me 14 baht one way :).

Beautiful Grand Palace

Wat Pho 🙂

Wat Arun 🙂


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