The Death of the King and Floating Markets

It’s quite sad here today in Bangkok. People really loved their King! True I didn’t know him, but the sadness is still very overwhelming. Everyone is wearing black and white to mourn him (I had to go back and change my clothes).

My original plan was to head out to the floating markets today so I decided to still do that. It’s quite a trek outside of Bangkok, but very worth it! So many boats traveling along the canal and you can pretty much buy everything touristy there ;). It is way more expensive than Khao San Road though (just FYI). But it’s really fun traveling along the water. 🙂

It’s still such a weird feeling in Bangkok. I’m currently sitting in a taxi writing this and watching all of the people. I asked my driver if the Queen would now be in charge but he said no. I thought not ;). Actually my taxi driver just jumped out to use the bathroom and left the meter running… uh ok. 😉

I’m really going to miss you Bangkok! I really really love you and all of the people living here! And may the King Rest In Peace.
Love you friends! Life is so short! Please enjoy every minute of it! 🙂

The floating market (Damneon Saduak).

Mourning the King


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