Buy the ticket, take the ride

Journey from LAX to Hong Kong to Chiang Mai…

I’ve been up for nearly over 24 hours. Left LAX at 2am, arrived in Hong Kong at 8am. Had an awesome friend who was working the flight over so got to have dim sum with him and his friends for breakfast. Which was absolutely amazing by the way! Tried chicken feet for the first time- it’s good!! Though the bones are a bit pesky ;). And a side note, apparently dim sum places in Hong Kong don’t give napkins so bring your own if you need one. They also provide hot water and a washing bowl to wash your dishes. Just FYI ;). Always go out with locals if you can :). After a fantastic breakfast, I took the free airport shuttle back to Hong Kong airport, ran into another amazing friend! Seriously such a small world! Grabbed lunch with him and now I’m sitting on my plane to Chiang Mai, Thailand! Needless to say, I’m excited! But the exhaustion is starting to take over ;). However, traveling really is the best! It’s the most freeing thing in the whole world! So yes, buy the ticket and take the ride. It really is worth it :). And now I’m going to try and sleep a little bit on the flight ;). Hugs and lots of love! Can’t believe I’ll soon be in Thailand!!! Crossing off bucket list items :).

Dim Sum in Hong Kong!

Local markets in Hong Kong

Lovely friends in Hong Kong! šŸ™‚

In route to Chiang Mai, Thailand :).


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